Friday, August 24, 2012

My Other Creations: Embellished Keys

Do you not just love an old key??  I had a few and wanted to spruce them up a bit.  Here is what resulted:

On this first key, I used a twig from a Christmas pick, made some wire swirls and tied them together with a scrap of fabric and embroidery floss.  I punched out a mini heart, attached it to the swirl of wire and adhered the whole thing to a button, which I then attached to the key.  I stuck half of a flower on the back and wah-la!  Done!

For the second key, I pulled some ripped fabric through the key's hole, attached a punched-out heart, strung some fuzzy yarn through a button, then attached it all to the key.   I wrapped some wire around the base to finish it off.

For key number three, I stuck another half-flower to the back of the key (I'm all about the half flowers), attached a button to the top, stuck a safety pin through a piece of fabric and attached it to the button.  The twine came with the key.

So where do you find awesome vintage keys for a nice price?  I got all of these from a fantastic website called Manto Fev.  It's like an online flea shop of cool vintage supplies and ephemera that's all reasonably priced. The products are great, but a bonus is that the store's owner, Sara, is hilarious, too.  Her sense of humor comes through her writing and you'll see it in her product descriptions, etc.  Even reading the disclaimer is pretty entertaining.  Great supplies being sold by a REAL person.  That's something you don't see every day, my friends.  So head on over to her site: and see what you can whip up with the clever supplies you find.

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