Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Other Creations: Stylish Halloween Music Compilation

I think we've established that I'm not a baker, so I often try to find non-edible gifts to give during this fantastic Fall season.  One such gift is a personalized music CD.  With iTunes and other online music sources where you can buy songs individually, it's pretty easy to buy songs that will match the specific tastes of your friends.  And what better kind of compilation than a Halloween mix?  

Here's the CD cover I made for a Halloween compilation I put together:

The paper is from Echo Park's Chillingsworth Manor collection and the fabric elements are from Tim Holtz.  I also used some Washi tape from Glitz and the witch image is a stamp from Close to My Heart's Wicked set.

So what songs does one put on a Halloween compilation?  It depends on your audience.  For this compilation, I bought songs that would appeal to both adults and kids.  My friend has a daughter in the tweeny bopper Disney years, so here's a list of songs I went with that are fun and hopefully not too annoying to either age group:

Halloween compilations are pretty entertaining to shop for and I much prefer them to those sound effect CD's where it sounds like someone is getting sawed in half, but that's just my opinion.  Whatever your Halloween plans are, happy haunting!


  1. This looks like a lot of fun for a Halloween party. What a great gift idea Andrea. Love the CD cover!!! You seriously have a gift for stamping on fabric. I had no idea that the witch and clockface were on fabric until I read the blog and looked at the close-up. AMazing! So cool. Pinned!! -- Mary Elizabeth

  2. Fabulous cover , I love the touch of teal with the black. I love the focal image too. Amazing stamping too. Tracy x

  3. So happy you popped on over to take a peek at my little Blog - so glad we know where we each reside! There will be no stopping me now that I have found you lol.
    How I love this idea, I never would have conjured up the idea to create a Halloween CD.
    She is rather sassy, a witch that knows what she wants out of life! Love that you stamped her onto fabric, why? Because it is one of my all time favourite stamping surfaces.
    Such a cool project.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Very stylish b&w CD cover - a fabulous witchy silhouette! And a great musical selection too...
    Alison x

  5. I also love the stamping on fabric! I have never done that yet, any tips?

    1. Excellent question! I'll actually have a step-by-step tutorial about stamping on fabric that will launch in November, so keep an eye on my blog. In the meantime, here are a few helpful hints: choose fabric like muslin or 100% cotton (non-stretchy fabrics). Tight weave fabrics work well if you're wanting a crisp image. If you use fabric with a looser weave, the image will look more fuzzy. As for what kind of ink to use, pick an ink that is permanent and is saturated with a lot of pigment. Unless you're going to be washing the fabric, the brand or type of ink doesn't really matter. I like to use either Stayz On or Ranger Archival inks. You can also use Tim Holtz Distress inks though they don't seem to stamp as darkly. After you stamp your image, if it's not as dark as you'd like, you can re-trace some of the lines with a thin black Sharpie or a fabric pen. Hope this info helps and happy stamping!

    2. Sweet! Thank you so much Andrea! I will also keep a look out for your tutorial! I wasn't sure if you had any backing on the fabric but I was thinking on putting it on a Cricut mat to hold it in place but then again it would most likely bleed onto the mat. :-/ I will play around and see what I can come up with! :-D

    3. Hey there. I didn't even think about commenting on the bleeding-through factor! I've never had the stamped images bleed through the fabric, but as a rule I always work on top of junk mail catalogs to protect my table (even though it's a fabulous already-ruined table that I got for $10 at a county furniture auction)! Anyhow, I have had the Sharpies bleed through if you need to re-draw the lines, so that might be the only thing to look out for. But yes! Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes!