Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Other Creations: Alphabet Cuff Bracelet

This week's Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge theme is the letter A.  I thought of, "A is for Alphabet," which made me think of children, which made me think of wanting to protect my jewelry.  Is that a bad mental connection??  What can I say?  I've had too many bracelets and necklaces broken by well-meaning children who needed something to play with.  So I decided to make an indestructible (more or less) alphabet bracelet which I could whip off and use to entertain any bored children that may wander my way.  It's basically a long bracelet that wraps around my wrist that has elements/pictures that go in alphabetical order.

Behold!  I wrapped it around a rolling pin for display purposes (see, Mom?  Who says I never use that rolling pin you gave me?):

Here it is laid out flat and photographed in sections:

A-E: (apple, Bingo, cupcake, deer, egg)

F-I: (flowers, glasses, hanger, ice cream cone)

J-M: (Jack, key, lace, mustache)

N-R: (number nine, orange, pin, queen, rain)

S-U: (scissors, telephone, underwear)

V-Z: (van, witch, xylophone, yarn, Z).

To make this bracelet, I cut random fabric scraps into 1-inch (or wider) strips, then I sewed the strips together into one long strip.  
Next, I went letter by letter.  For dimensional objects (such as the Bingo chip and the key), I either sewed them onto my strip or adhered them with a strong fabric-friendly glue.

I stamped images onto fabric and colored over the ink with permanent fabric-safe markers to ensure the ink would stay put (this is what I did with the mustache and the witch, for example).

I also used patterned fabric and cut out already-existing images to add to my bracelet (like the glasses and the telephone).

For the deer, the Jack, the queen and the xylophone, I transferred paper images onto fabric.  Any image transfer technique would work, but I used a gel medium technique.  Simply brush a coat of heavy gel medium onto the colored side of your paper picture.  Stick the picture, face-down, onto a piece of fabric.  Let it dry overnight.  When it's dry, soak the fabric in a bowl of water.  Once it's soaked for awhile (half an hour or so), run the image under a gentle stream of tap water and rub the paper off of the fabric.  The ink remains on the fabric, but the paper washes off.  Some paper images work better with this technique than others, so you just have to experiment.  Also be aware that the image will be backwards on your fabric since you flipped it when you glued it to the fabric.  So if you're transferring a piece of paper with text on it, your text will be backwards on the fabric.

Here's another view of the bracelet on a display stand, which is closer to what it looks like on an actual wrist when it's all wrapped up:

This project was a lot of fun and we'll see if it ever comes in handy with little ones.  If not, it's still a great conversation piece.

Here are some of the fab supplies I used from Simon Says Stamp to make my bracelet:

So how will YOU use the letter A this week?  I love to see what your creative minds come up with, so be sure to share your project with us at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge blog for your chance to win $50 to the Simon Says Stamp store.  That buys a lot of crafty goodness!


  1. Oh... so clever! Lovely lovely letters of the alphabet into a gorgeous bracelet! Love your use of the fabric and dimensional art!

  2. Fabulous quirky piece and great conversational piece. Love your use of fabric and the embellishments are fantastic. Wonderful creative piece. Tracy x

  3. Wow... this is such a fun and creative project, Andrea. I love how you mixed various medias and materials to create this wonderful piece. Awesome! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, this is so creative, Andrea ... and such fun! Fantastic mix of so many different textures and elements ... amazing! Anita :)

  5. Andrea...your ideas are just off the charts fun! I love this alphabetical strip of fabric with all of the things representing the letters of the alphabet. So clever! Guess what I did...I went out this morning and bought lots of fabric scraps!! Yep...I'm starting a new adventure. One that includes some fabric inclusions.'ve inspired me! <3 Candy

  6. I get the feeling you might be borrowing trouble. When kids see how much fun this bracelet is they will be hounding you. And kids are persistent little critters. So be warned. But I do love the total artistic genius side of this bracelet. The different mediums are great. Let us know how it survives the attack of kids.

  7. This wearable art is beyond clever!
    You always create with such fun and sheer joy for life - I absolutely love this idea and this creation.

  8. Super cute bracelets! I love the bright pops of color!

    Simon Says Stamp!

  9. Well, that should certainly keep'em quiet... It would keep me quiet too, admiring all its details!!
    Fabulous idea and beautifully done.
    Alison x

  10. What fun and creative projects Andrea! Love the colorful fabric and fibers!

  11. What amazing idea! Your creativity is brilliant! this piece is fabulous and original! BArbarayaya

  12. Really cool, Andrea! Love all the charms! So cheerful and fun! You're amazing with fabric! Love that! Hugs, Sandra

  13. Such a cool idea Andrea!! Love that you made the whole alphabet and all those images are so sweet. My son would absolutely love it!

  14. OK, the DT projects are just so inspirational! These bracelets are gorgeous and so very creative!!

  15. Hahaha....
    Great use of that rolling pin, Andrea. And yes, protecting your jewelry is a must around small children. Especially this piece! The graphics and composition...fabulous! You've created another winner!

  16. That's so original and really fun. Love it. Thanks for your really encouraging comment on my entry at the Monday challenge :)

  17. What a fantastic idea for keeping your jewelry safe! Not only are the bits you used for each alphabet letter clever (I especially love Bingo, since it's also got a B on it!), but the fabric you used for the strips really adds to the retro vibe of your bits! Thanks so much for all you share and how you inspire and support those of us who are addicted to crafting!

  18. So much fun! Definitely a great idea :) I have 3 year old grand niece that would love to play with this. Adorable!! -- Mary Elizabeth