Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tutorials: Dryer Sheet Flowers

Hello all!  If you have some used dryer sheets and some spare time on your hands, swing on over to the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge blog and check out my tutorial on how to make flowers out of dryer sheets (as seen below).

I also threw in some other handy household material tips like how to flip your stamp images using foam and Saran wrap.

I'll look forward to seeing you there!


  1. I am going to use those ideas. Soon! Awesome tips! Especially the flip trick. I've never seen that done like that and there are many times that I would've liked a reverse image.
    I've been meaning to comment earlier, but have been sick most of the week. The comment you left of my blog earlier this week made me laugh. Really hard. :)

  2. Andrea...I should have posted my comment on YOUR blog rather than the Simon Says one. :) I think this is such a cute project and I love everything you've done on this. Girl, you always have some really awesome tips and tricks! I love that and will have to give that a try sometime. You've got some really fun ideas. I'd love to crawl around in your creative brain for an afternoon and see what all is up there! Wouldn't that be FUN!? :) I also wanted to thank you for the really sweet comment you left on my blog. Andrea, you have NO IDEA what those mean to me. I truly believe what you say is heartfelt and that means the world to me. You enlighten me and inspire me to want to become a better artist. So, THANK YOU for your encouragement and your motivation! <3 Candy

  3. Your post about using saran wrap has effectively DOUBLED my stamp collection! I didn't know about this technique and those directional limitations are no more, thanks to you. Now, where did I put those dryer sheets....