Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Other Creations: Fabric Scrap Recipe Book

Hooray!  This post marks the completion of a project I've wanted to do for-e-ver!  You know how I love to craft with fabric scraps, right?  Well, I wanted to create some sort of book where I could store and refer to my favorite fabric scrap combinations.  My problem was that I could never decide on what type of notebook to use.  This problem was solved when I picked up this fabulous Cinch kit recipe book from We R Memory Keepers/Lifestyle Crafts.

And here is my finished project (cue triumphant music):

"But wait!" you say.  "I thought you said this kit was for a recipe book!"  Indeed it is.  But let's be honest; I'm just not the cooking type and never would've utilized the recipe pages for anything culinary. So I figured those pages could be for "fabric scrap recipes" instead.  Here's what one of the inside pages looks like:

Each page holds a different fabric scrap combo so I can remember what combinations I like, have used in the past, or want to use in the future.  So handy!!

And yeah, I know I've turned my pages vertically instead of keeping them horizontal (I'm such a rebel)!  I also made one other change to the kit and that was to swap out the silver spiral wire it came with for a gold one I had in my stash.  I didn't do this on purpose; I just had a disaster with the silver spiral wire in which it was destroyed (long story), so the gold was my substitute, but I liked how it turned out in the end.

Here's a close-up of the cover, which I made with patterned paper, watercolors, ink, stencils and Washi tape.  I made the faux Washi tape strips with dies from the fabulous Tape It Kit.

Keep in mind that to make this kit work for you, you'd also have to have the Cinch book binding tool (or make a friend who has one).  But hey- it's a great reason to buy the Cinch if you haven't yet.

I'm just happy to finally have a place to keep my favorite fabric scrap combinations!


  1. Another gorgeous project.The front cover is so pretty and the inside pages are delish!The script washi tape looks so good.

  2. Wow, what a superb idea! Love the pages here and how you finished them! The cover looks brilliant too!!

  3. Oh wow! I do love the yummy recipes you've saved there. Would love to hear what ingenious experiment you subject the silver binding through :)

  4. I'd love to see more of your "recipe" choices. Love the fabric combo you chose. Are those fabrics prints that you made or did you purchase them already printed? Your cover is awesome too. I just ordered a Cinch and now I'm more excited than ever for its arrival! Thanks for sharing this darling idea- I can now put all my fabric away. Lol.

    1. Thanks, Laura, and I'm excited for you to join the ranks of the Cinch owners! It really is a handy tool to have. Wish I could say that I made these fabric prints, but I think I'm better at buying fabric than inventing it myself. ;)

  5. Great recipe book Andrea. I should do this with my inks and sprays. Really cool idea!!! I also wanted to thank-you for your visit to my blog. Happy crafting. Karen.x

  6. GREAT idea first off... and then the end results.. STRIKINGLY ELEGANT!... love it ... and the way you have presented this is great too... and I am presently looking for the old Jenga game around here... I know we have one... still looking as it is going to be altered ... love your work Andrea... just wonderfully pulls one into the colors you use... love it all.. .Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  7. Hi Andrea! I just wanted to say thank you for your sweet comment on my Freedom of Creativity post/art journaling. I'm glad you liked it. I very much love your work too so have joined your lovely followers. I look forward to some more crafty goodness from you! :)
    Take care!
    Ingrid x

  8. I love everything about this! Well, of course I do! I love everything about everything you do!

  9. Lovely work. I wish I had the time to get back into paper crafting.

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  11. Love, love, love this! (...and I don't cook either). Textures are yummy, colors delicious!

  12. How gorgeous! What a great way to keep a record of swatches and combinations - and it looks so scrumptious at the same time!
    Alison xx