Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tutorials: Stamping on Paper Towels

Welcome to the Stamptember Celebration at Simon Says Stamp!  

Our celebration starts with the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge theme of being BOLD with our stamping (use bold colors, a big bold stamp, etc).  I decided to boldly stamp where I'd never stamped before: on paper towels!  But it was only fun when I added water...and that also kicked up the "not a conducive material to work with" factor.  So I will show you what I did to make this collage, but quite honestly, there may be much easier ways to achieve this visual effect!

I started by dabbing different colors of Distress Ink on this background stamp (Decorative Grate by Stampendous) and stamped it on my textured paper towel.

I spritzed the stamped area with a good amount of water, which caused the colors to spread and bleed together.  The longer you leave it, the more the colors will spread out.  It will also turn more "pastel-y" (totally not a word) as the intense color dissipates.

Before it completely dried, I dabbed on some Distress Paint to give it more variety (Distress Paint has a bit of a "chalky" look to it when wet). 

Once my paper towel dried, I added some light teal polka dots and adhered the paper towel to a burlap panel using Gesso.  I kept forgetting that my paper towel would be hard to work with every time I added something liquid-based.  I found that Gesso and paper towels don't really mix, but modeling paste and paper towels REALLY don't mix!  I smeared some modeling paste through a Tim Holtz latticework stencil and had to gently (emphasis on gently) pull the stencil off my paper towel surface. 

I used Distress Paint to color the modeling paste.

Because I hadn't been challenged enough by paper towels yet, I decided to try and punch some shapes out of my excess colored paper towel scraps.

I can't say I'll be using a hand punch with paper towels again anytime soon, but I do like how these tattered flowers turned out.  I adhered them to my background.

From here on out, it was just a matter of filling in my canvas.  I did an image transfer onto fabric and adhered it to a vintage dictionary scrap page.  I added a hat and some Washi tape and made the sentiment, "Go and Do."

The phrase "Go and Do" has special meaning to me because I'm the type of person that dreams big and plans big, but who doesn't always take action.  So I try to remind myself to not only dream, but to go and do something about those dreams.

Here are some of the products I used from Simon Says Stamp to create my piece:

What will you go and do to be bold with stamps this week?  I can't wait to see your creations, which constantly amaze and inspire me.  Plus, when you upload your creation to the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog, you'll be automatically entered to win the drawing for a $50 voucher to Simon Says Stamp.  That's a win and win!


  1. What a wonderful idea .The paper towels add such pretty texture to the canvas.Love the image you transferred.I have never tried that.Goes right into my "to try" list.Thanks for sharing the directions.

  2. This is gorgeous! Love the colorful background! And that little cute is so sweet! Hugs, Sandra

  3. Brilliant and thank you so much for the inspiration

    I've just linked mine

  4. Well we certainly have a few things in common... LOL...

    "So I try to remind myself to not only dream, but to go and do something about those dreams."

    OMG... same here... I am still trying to unpack some boxes that are in a storage area from 12 years ago... but I would rather do art... cook and play... LOL.. sounds so much better than to toss MIL stuff... right???

    I love this piece... and was so happy to see you using paper towels.. .I have to try this... I love baby wipes for flowers... and they are really special to me.. .but the texture of paper towels are really great... so many different ones too... have to go look to see which I need to try... maybe just ask friends to bring a sheet... how about paper towel swaps... LOL.. that really is a great thing... as long as you aren't getting what you sent.. LOL.. .love this piece... the background is out of sight delicious... and the little person.... adorable... I have not printed on fabric yet... another thing I have to get into... am working on a quilt... but am painting the 22 inch squares... this quilt will not be able to be washed... LOL.. my kind of quilt... anyway... I love this piece... And thanks Andrea for all the heart felt comments that you have been leaving at my blog... I love them and cherish each one... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  5. Beautiful Andrea! Love the stunning background that you created! The punched flowers look outstanding! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I love your ART!! Everything you create is always so whimsical, bright and happy. I didn't know you could punch paper towels. I guess I am a chicken to try, but I love your results and the texture is Amazing. Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration. You're So Awesome!!

  7. The canvas is so beautiful! I just might try the technique of paper towels! I love the little girl♥
    I am a daydreamer and think up projects that never come to light♥

  8. so super fun! And, I got a giggle out of your beginning remarks :) It turned out great!!!

  9. I am really impressed with this inventive use of paper towels. What fabulous results! I think that there are areas that are beautifully reminiscent of delicate handmade paper. Lovely!
    I'm also impressed that you took on this project. You must have the patience of a saint!

  10. Fun techniques! I just love the bright colors!

    Simon Says Stamp!

  11. Wonderful and clever technique! thanks for sharing! You know that i love so much your works and the colors that you use! Gorgeous piece! BArbarayaya

  12. Great piece Andrea! Great image too. Karen.x

  13. It's always such a pleasure to visit your blog because you are just so creative and I always LOVE the ideas that you come up with...ideas that I would never, ever think of doing! This is wonderful and I love the techniques and the finished project,'s a beautiful piece of artwork! :)

  14. It is so beautiful Andrea. I love the soft yet rich colours, the texture is something really special, in fact I love the whole thing.
    I also want to say thank you for sharing how you created and the pitfalls you had.
    I really do need to be brave and let myself loose on some mini canvas pieces - just need to remember that I get them reasonably priced so ruining one or two won't break the bank - thank you so much for the inspiration Karen x

  15. I love love this idea Andrea ...thanks for showing how to achieve this look. I'll have to give this a try...your piece is awesome...I lOVE it..

    Nancy T.

  16. This is beautiful Andrea! Love the wonderful look that you got with your stamping and the images and message are perfect.

  17. I love when you use the soft materials mixed in with your bright colors! This is gorgeous! The image is so sweet and the the beautiful colors and soft texture. Just perfect!

  18. I love that background! The softness is perfect for the sweet little girl you collaged over it. Blessings!

  19. Hi Andrea, you do make me laugh. Great texture with the paper towels. Maybe I should invest in a roll of the expensive ones that have the fancy embossing. Usually I go for practical rather than pretty but your background creates ideas. Don't you find yourself looking at things not for what they are but for what they may be????...... I think your nibbled flowers are delightful