Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Other Creations: Spring Nymph

This month I have the honor of being a Guest Designer for a fabulous blog called, A Vintage Journey.  Behind this blog are some mega-talented designers who provide some seriously inspiring projects and challenges that are in a vintage, shabby, mixed media, Tim-Holtzy style.  

The theme I based my project on is, "Spring Flowers."  I decided to make a Spring Nymph out of a re-purposed jewelry hanger.  Here she is:

Of course, she didn't start out this way.  Here she is before her seasonal transformation (who wants to have a hook for a head anyway???):

You can find these jewelry hangers at discount stores such as Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc.  Using needle nose pliers, I pulled out the hooks from her neck and her arms and I cut off the black dress fabric.  I made a head and arms out of flesh-colored clay, which I baked.  Before baking, I left holes in her neck and arms so that when the pieces dried, I could string wire through the holes to attach them back onto her torso.

From then on, it was just a matter of giving her a new wardrobe made from Tim Holtz's "Dictionary" fabric.  I assure you that his fabric is every bit as fun as his patterned paper!  I added little scraps of colored fabric here and there and dabbed on several different shades of Tim's Distress inks as I went along.  I also used his fabulous Papillon stamp set to stamp some butterflies onto my girl's dress. 

To incorporate the spring flowers, I used one of my favorite flower-coloring techniques, which is simple to do.

Start with white flowers:

Using a craft sponge or make-up wedge, dab some Tim Holtz Distress Ink (Peacock Feathers in this case) onto your flower:

And now the magic part!  Using an eyedropper, and while working over a waterproof surface like a craft mat, drip several drops of water onto your flower so that it causes the ink to spread and blend, like so:

Let the flowers dry and they will still retain that soft watercolor look.  Once they were dry, I added just a hint of Tim Holtz Distress ink in Walnut Stain to give them a dustier vibe.  And here they are all finished and attached to our girl:

I gave my girl bright red hair, which I made from several types of yarn and fibers.  I also decided to add some wings, which I made from a panel of crafting wire that was similar to chicken wire.  I adorned her wings with strings of turquoise yarns and fibers.

 For that last floral touch, I added a flower to her hair.

This project was such a joy to create and I love the complete versatility of Tim Holtz products.  You can go retro, dusty, rusty, grungy, soft or bright.

A special thanks again to A Vintage Journey for allowing me to make a project for them.  If you're a fan of Tim Holtz and all things vintage-y (totally not a word), then be sure to check them out.  And in the meantime, I'm going to hope that Spring really is on its way!


  1. I love this amazing nymph with her wild hair and amazing dress and can't believe the structure that is beneath it. Thanks got sharing your amazingly creative piece with us at A Vintage Journey and being a Guest Creative Guide.
    Hugs Brenda xx

  2. Her red hair is very compelling. You've given her strength as well as beauty. She's an amazing creature. I love her!

  3. Gorgeous. Love the dress and that red hair is fab. Thanks for the flower tips

  4. Andrea....Thud! Did you hear my chin hitting the floor?!? This nymph is out of this world creative. Girl, I wish I had even a thimble full of your talent and creativity! Could you spare that much? :) Your creations are always so whimsical and fun! You have such a distinct style and it just draws me in like a magnet. This nymph is just beautiful! I love everything about her. Thanks for sharing her with everyone at A Vintage Journey. <3 Candy

  5. Stunning! I love everything about her.

  6. This is my first glimpse of your lovely work! I popped over from A Vintage Journey because I wanted a more detailed look at your truly stunning nymph! I have not been disappointed! Your work is a revelation - totally unique! Julie Ann x

  7. I never would have looked at one of those jewelry organizers and said "if I just add clay arms..."
    She is gorgeous!

  8. This is just marvelous! thanks for sharing how you put her together - I LOVE her hair - and her simple adorned dress - who would ever know you could make this from the jewelry hanger you started with!

  9. Love this amazing project ! Such creative and unique !