Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Cards and Tags: Fishy Freedom

I've always been the type of person who roots for the fish when in the presence of fishermen.  What can I say?  I have a soft spot for all things furry, scaly, fuzzy or feathered.  I didn't plan out this little piece, but it just sort of emerged.  Reminiscent of "Finding Nemo," it depicts an epic tale of fishy freedom!

The fish in my piece is made from a fabulous stamp from 100 Proof Press appropriately named, "Really Big Fish."  These mega-sized stamps are so versatile!  I used a similar fish stamp in my Fish Gift Tags tutorial not long ago and I just can't seem to get enough of these little guys!

I made the fish from collaged paper pieces, which I smeared with Distress Inks, then stamped on.  That fantastic black and white bowl is from a cookbook from the 80's that I picked up at a thrift store (I think we all know I was never going to use it for cooking)!  I don't know who drew it, but I give a nod of appreciation to whomever it was for making such a perfect backdrop for my scheming freedom-seeking fish!  I cut out the title of a recipe and stuck it to the bowl.

The background paper is from Simple Stories' Good Day Sunshine 12x12 paper pad and the main sentiments were made using basic alphabet stamps from Studio G and Recollections.

This piece was a total hoot to make and I hope that it will give fish everywhere the courage they need to hop off the dinner table and back into the ocean!


  1. You're so funny! Poor fishies everywhere. I can't believe you found this cutie in a cookbook. That's very cool!

  2. This is pure serendipity (for you and the fish)!

  3. Oh you made me giggle when I saw this Andrea! What fun and so much better in your art than in a cookbook!

  4. have the same soft spot ^.^ totally get you! looooove this project, makes me feel like I am in some sort of surrealistic fairy tale ^.^