Monday, April 9, 2018

My Cards and Tags: Feather Cards using Carabelle Studio's Feather and Peacock Stamp

Being an English major and total library groupie, I was thrilled with this week's Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge theme, which is to be inspired by a myth, fable, story, etc.  I find mythology fascinating, so I decided to make some feather cards that pay homage to Icarus, that unfortunate fellow who tried to fly away from his island prison with a pair of wings made from wax and feathers.  It might have been okay, but Icarus ignored common sense, his dad's warning, and the basic chemical properties of heat and wax.  He flew too close to the sun and his wings melted and he fell to his untimely death.  Kind of a downer of a story.  BUT, the thing I love about this myth is the concept of daring greatly, even if you fall greatly. That became my inspiration and sentiment.

I made a tutorial video of this technique, or you can check out the pics and descriptions below.

I used a Pretty Pink Posh die to cut some scalloped hexagon shapes out of text paper.  I cut some rectangles out of Strathmore Mixed Media paper and glued the hexagons onto the rectangular card bases.

I smudged on some Distress Oxide, dripped water onto it, let the water sit for a few minutes, then used a paper towel to remove the water.  This leaves white splotch marks wherever the water was.

I outlined some of my water splotches with a black Sharpie just to give it a different look.

Next I sprinkled some Infusions and some Brusho crystals onto the paper and spritzed it with water.

I dried out the collage with a heat tool and stamped a feather outline onto it with Ranger Jet Black Archival Ink.  Then I smudged white paint inside the feather shape to give me a nice white slate again.

Once that dried, I was able to finger-paint some color into the feathers using various shades of acrylic paint.  I toned down my color crystal background a bit with white paint.  I also stamped the middle line of the feather back into place and darkened some of the black stamped portions with a black pen.

All that was left was to add my sentiment boxes, which I stamped with alphabet letters from Mama Elephant.

In the spirit of full disclosure and for the record, when I take process shots that show how I got from Point A to Point B, it's not because my way was the best or only way!  75% of the time, I'm just shooting from the hip and making things up as I go, which is why a lot of the early parts get covered up.  But it's all part of the process and I enjoyed this week's theme and process immensely!

Here are the supplies I used that you can find at Simon Says Stamp:

So how will you be inspired by a myth, story, legend, tale or any other literary goodie?  I can't wait to see your efforts!  Upload your projects to the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog for your chance to win a $50 voucher to the Simon Says Stamp store!


  1. Love these! I don't think there is a better sentiment/quip than "Dare Greatly"-- but Icarus maybe shoulda not... Ha! Your summary was terrific. Lovely complementary color groups.

  2. I totally missed the hexagons when I first peeked at these. Really enjoyed seeing your process and final result.

  3. Fabulous cards Andrea :-) having known almost nothing about Mythology I have learned quite a lot over the past few days, doing a little research before deciding what to make myself. I am sure that this theme was your idea originally :-)
    The myth you used is fabulous and I love how you interpreted it onto these gorgeous works of art!! Very clever :-)

    Lols x x x

  4. I always loved this myth of Icarus and remember it clearly until now. The feathrs are the best illustration of the myth I can imagine. Great work, love the black edges to the water splashes and the way the feathers pop-up. Hugs, Marzena

  5. As Macarena, I also loved the myth of Icarus growing up -- I don't know why, but I always loved it. I loved it so much that I took this myth during my exams. (Here in Italy during finals you have to choose an argument for each class you studied and talk about it in front all the teachers....LOL don't know if I explained my self....!! anyway, for Italian class I took the myth of Icarus!!)
    Love how you made your background, every time for me is pure magic what you create!
    x zoey

  6. What beautiful mixed media elements you used on these lovely cards - thanks for sharing the myth that inspired you! I remembered reading it long ago as you told it - but wouldn't have been able to bring it to mind!

  7. I love these! Thanks for sharing your process.

  8. Wonderful cards thanks for sharing how you've made them and the myth you've chosen is great, I also like mythology so when I read your idea for the cards I loved it.

  9. Totally gorgeous, Andrea! Love the duo of feathers and how you layered on shape textures below!

    Simon Says Stamp!

  10. AWESOME!! Loved your video, Andrea! woohoo! I have been a huge mythology fan too, ever since I was old enough to ride my bike to the library. You have such a great perspective on the Icarus story, that totally brings it into the modern world. And your feathers, oh they are amazing, and love how you mixed your colors and added more black - very striking. I think yours could survive a close journey to the sun! xx Maura

  11. This is wonderful Andrea and such great inspiration. I love the sentiments and you video is great!!

  12. I was also thinking of using the story of Icarus as my inspiration for this challenge but changed my mind at the last minute and so glad I did because you have created such a wonderful set of cards and as always, I adore the colours and the sentiments ~ it's just fabulous, Andrea! :)

  13. This is such a fun and awesome creation! Andrea. Love the beautiful colors and your video is fantastic! :)

  14. amazing cards Andrea, a great interpretation of the story of Icarus and I love love love your video, hugs kath xxx

  15. Awesome!! Love them too much!! <3

  16. Such gorgeous cards, Andrea! Love the fabulous video! So cool to see your creative process in action! Hope you'll make more videos!! Hugs, Sandra

  17. Wow ! Love love love to see your creativity! your video is so interesting, ! You interpreted this challenge in a wonderful way, so original as always! love how you use white acrylic paint and brusho colors! fabulous cards!