Monday, May 13, 2013

Tutorials: Washi Spools

I love to incorporate sewing notions into my projects and I'm especially keen on vintage wooden spools.  As I was experimenting with them the other day, I decided to wrap them in Washi tape for a different look.  I loved the results!  Check them out:

The great thing about this project is that it's super easy and takes about two seconds to do.  And if you don't have vintage wooden spools, not to worry!  You can also buy craft spools and ink them around the edges to make them appear more weathered.

To do this yourself, you only need three ingredients: Washi, a spool and ink.  In my mind, there is no greater ink than Tim Holtz's Distress ink (Walnut Stain color).  I use it constantly! 

Simply find a Washi that is the same width as your spool (or cut the tape down to size), then wrap a strip of Washi around it, then ink the edges!  Done!

For the spools pictured, the floral/butterfly/bird tapes are all Recollections brand.  The typewriter tape is from Prima and the diagonal stripe is from My Mind's Eye.

After the spools are covered, you can still wrap a little bit of thread or yarn on top of the Washi for even more dimension.  Also, depending on how sticky your Washi is, you may have to add a bit of adhesive to the ends of the tape to ensure it stays stuck for the long haul.

 Thanks for stopping by and have fun Washi-ing (If that isn't a verb, it should be)!