Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Other Creations: Visonary Glasses

This week's Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge theme is "patchwork."  In my brain, patchwork equals quilts and quilts equal the two most amazing grandmas any girl could ever hope to have.  They were extraordinary women who made art out of nothing-- just bits and scraps that they saved as wars raged and the depression hit.  They lived through so many hard things, but they still left this world a more beautiful place through their creations of pottery and quilts and homemade dresses and embroidery.  My mom is the same way (how lucky am I?  She sewed me the sweetest prom dress ever and made me the most amazing quilt in the universe)!  

And so my project this week is a tribute to these women in my life.  I made "visionary glasses" to remind me of how they saw art everywhere.

I decided to try ICE resin, so I made a mold for the lenses of the glasses out of clay and then poured the resin inside.  After they dried, I stamped on a "curiosity" sentiment because I think art requires a good bit of curiosity...for better or worse!

I crafted the rest of the glasses out of wire and went to work on the collaged eyeglass case.  I attached some tissue dress pattern sections onto the case to honor how my mom and grandmas sewed beautiful clothes for themselves and their children.

I'm so grateful to the strong line of women I come from and for the legacy of beauty they've left behind.  They live on through their art (determination personified), which I truly cherish.

This project was a lot of fun to create and I got these products for it from Simon Says Stamp:

I know that YOU must have been inspired in some sort of patchwork-related way in your life!  Share your skills with us at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog and you could win fifty dreamy dollars to spend at Simon Says Stamp! 50dollar_voucher_600px