Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Other Creations: Muse Jars

I am quite a color-holic, so when I learned that this week's Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge theme was, "A Trio of Color," I really had to stave off panic mode as I decided to limit myself to just three colors.  Peacock Feathers, Mustard Yellow and Worn Lipstick were the three I decided to go with and I used them to help dress up some, "Muse Jars."

Am I the only one that needs a weekend to hit in the middle of a Wednesday?  Maybe that's part of what prompted this idea.  Sometimes the weeks are too long and the days are even longer!  I really do wish you could have a pinch of pep lying around or an ounce of oomph when you feel wiped out.  And there have been plenty of times when I've needed a measure of muse!

These began as salt shakers and my first step was to make some crinkle ribbon for them.  Just as a review on how to make crinkle ribbon, you can start by dabbing some Distress Ink onto a nonstick craft mat.  Here I'm using Mustard Seed and Peacock Feathers.

Spritz a small amount of water onto your ink and add your ribbon into the mix.

If you don't want your hands stained with ink for awhile, wear gloves or use a tool (Popsicle stick, bamboo skewer, etc.) to stir, squish, swirl, and mash your ribbon around in the watery ink until the ribbon mops it all up.

To get it to crinkle, you have a couple of options.  If you planned ahead (round of applause), you can smoosh it down into the corner of a plastic bag.  Tie or clip the bag shut, then let it dry overnight.

If you didn't plan ahead (like someone who might be typing this post right now), you'll have to wad it up, hold it in place with something (I used these handy alligator clippy-tool  thingies), then shoot it with a heat gun until it dries.  When it does, your ribbon should be nice and crinkly!

I filled my jars with random bits of glitter, sequins and beads, then added labels held on by little pins.  I stamped the words with alphabet stamps and my little jars were done.

Here are the supplies I used, which you can find at Simon Says Stamp:

Can't wait to see how you interpret our Trio of Color challenge!  Upload your creations to the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog and you'll have a chance to win the $50 gift voucher to Simon Says Stamp!