Thursday, January 28, 2016

Snapping Monsters Stamps: You Got This

Hello everyone!  Have you ever felt the need to repeat some sort of positive mantra to yourself when life is a little crazy?  I've found myself telling me, "You got this," lately, so I thought I could at least make a visual reminder of this mantra instead of looking like a weirdo by whispering it to myself over and over.

This little framed piece was made with stamps from my stamp set, which you can find here.  I tried something new by fussy-cutting the girl out, then sticking her head back on at a tilted angle (maybe my love of Kelly Rae Roberts' style coming through).  But I do like the added bit of thoughtfulness and whimsicality it seems to give the girl.

I hope whatever positive mantra you've adopted is enough to get you through to the weekend!  Yay for almost-Friday!


  1. Loves it! Love her head tilted... it's truly the vision of your inner voice saying, "C'mon..." Also, wonderful coloring!

  2. Wonderful Andrea, love how you positioned your girl in the frame and great motivational quote, you go girl! Deb xo

  3. A good mantra is a great thing - and I love your little reminder... so cool how the girl is popping out of the frame to tell you!
    Alison xx

  4. Then I must be a complete oddball because I do it all the time! I adore your framed art though Karen x