Sunday, December 17, 2017

Tutorial Video: Washi Tape and Paint Backgrounds

One thing I love to do is make Washi tape and paint collages that I cut up and use as backgrounds or decorative elements in various projects.  Maybe it's because I'm lazy and like to have collages done that I can rip and tear and incorporate easily into other things.  Maybe it's because there's something therapeutic about painting over cookbook pages (revenge for my non-cooking skills perhaps).  In any event, I thought I'd share this technique in a video format.  I haven't done many videos, but tried jumping on the technology wagon here.  I won't tell you how many gray hairs were added to my tally by the time I finally finished! 

Here's what some of my finished collages and projects using this technique look like:

I wrote in the video that I buy a lot of my Washi tape on Etsy.  My favorite sellers are Zakkalover and Collectinglife.


  1. super job with your first video Andrea!! And of course I love your washi painted papers and projects too!

  2. Excellent video, thanks so much for sharing your process, I love your work!