Monday, April 11, 2022

Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge: Sweet Treats Box using Carabelle Studio's Sardines Stamp Set and Whimsy Stamps' ATC Book Dies

This week's Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge theme is Sweet Treats!  I did not mind the excuse to have some Skittles nearby as I worked on this project (red Skittles are THE BEST if anyone cares about my opinion on such things).  I made a little treat box using Carabelle Studio's Sardines stamp (sardines are not the usual go to in terms of a "sweet treat," but the stamp was too wonderful not to use) and Whimsy Stamp's ATC Book Dies.

I started by stamping my image on a few different pieces of paper so I could cut it out and do some layering.  I colored my sardines with Scribble Sticks and added some washi tape.

Kudos to Dina Wakley for the assist here.  I used her Collage Collective paper and her ledger paper for my sardine tin components.  Here it is all assembled.  I rolled up a piece of plaid paper to look like the peeled-back lid of the tin.  I know the way I did it isn't scientifically accurate to how it would look if you really did use the metal key to turn down the lid but this is aesthetically what I thought looked decent.  Art trumps science in this case.

Next I cut out the pieces for my box.  I had to alter the size of my box since this sardine stamp is about half the size of the dies, but that was doable.  I've found that with a little experimentation, you can cut down a lot of die-cut shapes (including 3D shapes) to suit your needs.  Before I glued the box together, I covered it with washi tape, then glued it, then I added a touch of color.  I also decided to add a wire bent into a key shape, which I hot-glued inside of the paper roll.  I filled my box up with Skittles.  I stamped a "For You" sentiment from Simon Says Stamp's Inside Friendship Messages stamp set and added that to the front of my box.

The last step was to secure my little box before giving it away, so I tied a piece of green yarn around it.

Here are the supplies I used that you can find at Simon Says Stamp: