Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Cards and Tags: Spring Girl

Call it the February Blahs (luckily we are almost into March), but I've been reaching for my brights and pastels in search of some sort of OOMPH!  POW!  COLOR!  Not that I don't enjoy looking at my brown lawn, the smoggy sky and dead flowerbeds, but come on!  I need some signs of Spring!  Since I'm not seeing a lot of color on the landscape quite yet, I decided to create my own springy vibe with this colorful card using stamps from 100 Proof Press:

I started out by dabbing different colors of Distress Ink onto my stamp and stamping the image (called Large Flower Face Girl) onto white watercolor paper.

I smeared on some more Distress Ink in coordinating colors to the areas I'd stamped, then I stamped the same image onto a Post-It note and cut around the edges.  I stuck it over my image as a mask.  I love using Post-Its for masking! 

Now, with my image safely covered, I stamped patterns around the girl using Screen Texture and Bunch O' Buttons.

I removed the mask and reached for my watercolors!  I painted in some of the buttons and some parts of the girl, toned down the red tones with some lighter pinks and let the watercolors drip down the card in various areas.  Once it was dry, I added some thread in squiggle shapes and some fabric scraps to frame the image.  I also stamped on some wonky circle-dots in different colors, which actually came from a Bullet Holes stamp.

I inked around the edges with brown ink and this little lady was ready for the flower garden!  Cheers to the anticipation of seeing little buds start to bloom!


  1. Beautiful bright colors! I love how the buttons blend into the girl and all the texture and color!

  2. Gorgeous Andrea, love your beautiful colour palette and post it notes as a mask, brilliant!

  3. It's not spring on your artwork, it's a glorious hot Summer!! Gorgeous!

    Here DownUnder it's Summer now, but it's so mild, ok ...better than winter :-)

  4. Beautiful card, love he textures and patterns and colours. Valerie

  5. What a stunning result, with all the blended colors and textures. Thanks for all the details on how you created this and other works. Thank you also for the thoughtful and encouraging comment on my card. That is appreciated!

  6. She's beautiful - and I love how something as simple as those tangled threads can provide such a wonderful textural detail. Inspiring!
    Alison xx

  7. Your work is amazing. You use so many different techniques that greatly impressed me,