Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Cards and Tags: Christmas Card- Wishing You Joy

July 1st!  The PERFECT time to start crafting for Christmas!  I know, I know.  Where I live, it's about 97 degrees outside and traipsing reindeer have never seemed more absurd.  The only livestock I've seen lately have been cows cramming for the shade of one spindly little tree.  It's the season for Bob Marley singing through the open windows, not Bing Crosby crooning for a white Christmas.  We seek Slurpees, not hot chocolate.  We reach for the flip-flops, not the fur-lined boots.

Be that as it may, Christmas is going to be here before we know it.  In fact, much like the epic sighting of the groundhog to signify spring, yesterday I saw the telltale sign of the impending holiday season: Fall and Christmas decor at the craft store!  Wa-hoo!  Like it or not, we are on the verge of my favorite time of year.  So why not channel our inner elves (while sitting directly in front of a fan and rubbing aloe on our toasted skin), and get going on some Christmas crafts! 

Here's a card that I made using Cricut shapes (Accent Essentials cartridge), Martha Stewart punches, Sizzix letters, and stamps from Ketto (the darling girl on the branch) and Stampin' Up! (the sentiment).  

I know myself and while I try not to procrastinate, I'm not always successful.  I've learned, to my never-ending frustration, that creativity does not adhere to deadlines and inspiration can't be forced.  This year I really am going to try to get some holiday crafting done early so I'm not as stressed in December.  So if you hear me humming jingle bells and see me sporting a scarf, rest assured that I'm not going loopy, I'm just gettin' my Christmas on!