Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Snapping Monsters Stamps: Second Stamp Set Release: Artistic Essentials

I had so much fun designing and producing my first stamp set (which sold out-- thanks everyone!) that I decided to make a second set which is now available in my Etsy shop for $15 plus $3 shipping in the US.  I love all sorts of different artistic styles and this set is a celebration of paint and polka dots.  I included both focal images and plenty of background elements since you can never have too many of those.  And this set is red rubber instead of clear stamps (just to see how the other half lives).  I'm excited to be sharing projects from this stamp set in the coming days and weeks.

I love all the long-tailed drippy-circle shapes on the market these days, so today I'm sharing examples of how you can use the three "bubble wand" stamps that come in the Artistic Essentials set.   They can be trees, flowers, balloons, Christmas ornaments (when flipped upside down) or just whatever your crafty little heart desires.  Here are some tags I made using them:

These bubble wands come in various sizes.  I made a circle text stamp that is the same size as the middle-sized bubble wand so you can fill in one of the wands with text if you want (as seen in the teal bubble wand above). 

On the tag below, I used the biggest bubble wand, which comes with some circle bubbles flying out of it.  I also used the polka dots and the splatter-dots from the set.  And you know I love me some dots because I also made stamps that say, "dot, dot, dot"!  

For my next project, I stamped just the circle tops of the bubble wands to create the following collage, which I made on a library catalog card.  Love the smudgy grungy outlines and being able to put the circles wherever I want.

Lastly, I thought I'd flip the bubble wands upside down to try out a different look on this "Hello Pretty" card.  I used an old recipe for the background here (heaven knows I wasn't going to use it for cooking!) and the sentiment is made from Washi tape and a word that I cut out of a book.  The bubble wands would look cool sideways, too, which I shall have to experiment with next!

So there you have it!  A look at some variations of the bubble wand images in my new stamp set.  

But wait! There's more! (cue the cheesy infomercial music). The new stamp set measures 6" x 9" and it's UNMOUNTED RED RUBBER only!  This means you have to affix it to cling film yourself (if you want it on cling film) or you can just use tape to stick it to an acrylic block for stamping.  Either way, you definitely have to cut the stamp images out yourself, but I don't mind doing that if I like the images enough.  And I love the quality you get with red rubber stamps.  This stamp set works fantastically well with Ranger Archival inks, Memento and Memento Luxe inks, Colorbox inks and any other ink that works well with red rubber.  The larger area stamps do not stamp the greatest with Distress Inks, but I use Distress Inks for smudging and not necessarily stamping anyway.

Here is a small picture of the stamp images included in my new Artistic Essentials set:
And here's what it looks like in red rubber.  Check out the nice deep etching!  Love that!

For a size frame of reference, the color wheel measures approximately 4" round and the tallest bubble wand is about 5.5" tall.  So it's a good-sized stamp set with lots of fun images that I think are versatile and handy.

I'll be sharing more, but it's been a great experience so far to play with these images and create another stamp set that I hope others will enjoy, too!


  1. Its Artist and perfect for mixed media ! Loved the bubble wand and your tags have very fresh look !

  2. AMAZING! Congratulations! I am late to the party! :)

  3. I love love love the bubble wand stamp!

  4. I love these creations. Awesome.

  5. On my way to Etsy! Bummed I missed that last one... :(

  6. Love love love this..... what a pity shipping to Australia is so expensive

  7. Fabulous set! Love your samples for it, Andrea!

  8. I would so love this set of stamps but I don't know anyone that sells these in the UK. Great art work, Angela x