Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Other Creations: Memory Box

Greetings fellow revelers of Fall!  Are we already getting giddy about the holidays??  I know I am!  And this year I wanted to create something handmade that was pretty to look at, but also had the POW of emotional impact.  The result?  This memory box!

So what's the theory of a "memory box" and how did I create it?  I wanted to make something for my mom, who has filled my life with gifts from her talented sewing hands.  She made me beautiful clothes while I was growing up, she sewed a quilt for me when I got married, and she kept my dolls stylin' when I was a kid by surprising me with new outfits for them.  She is so talented in any sort of handwork and I wanted to honor her for that.  So I put together some notions and fabric to fill the inside of the box:

On these items, I wrote some of my favorite sewing-related memories of her (stamped onto the cloth that unrolls from the spools, written on the back of the button packages, etc.).

Next, I included this nifty recordable card from  Picture that Sound.  It's a company that makes cards which you can embellish and record a message onto.  You get 20 seconds of recording time to leave just the right sentiment for your loved one.

The card started out like this:

(Front and back views-- you can decorate either side)

And I made it into this.  My mom will just push the "play" button on the back to hear my message.

Adding a personalized message instantly makes any gift more memorable!  So with the notes written to my mom on the sewing notions and a card with a recorded message, I'm hoping she'll see just how much I love and cherish the beautiful things she's made me over the years.

For this project, I used paper, stickers and embellishments from "The Sweetest Thing" collection from My Mind's Eye.  Always LOVE pretty much anything that MME cranks out!  I also used stick pins from Maya Road and flowers from Prima, some of my other favorite brands.

So if you're struggling to know what to give someone this year, try a memory box filled with things they love, and reasons why you love them, too!