Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Other Creations: Embellished Christmas CD/DVD Case

Since I lack basic baking skills and we don't always know what to buy our various family members, my husband and I started making DVD's to give away as Christmas gifts.  Using a program like Adobe, we can make slide shows from family photos and video footage taken throughout the year (and if you're not tech-savvy, there are many companies that you can hire to do this for you).  This gift is personal, is always appreciated and can be extremely cost-effective.  And what better way is there to add an extra bit of "oomph" to the gift than packaging it with style?

I made this CD cover and decorative "belly band" using the absolutely beautiful "All is Bright" Christmas collection from My Mind's Eye.  Simply put, this is one of my favorite Christmas collections EVER.

Belly bands are a relatively easy way to dress up any sort of box or container.  You can wrap the box (or not) then wrap on a belly band to spruce it up.  They're a great alternative to a standard gift bow and with drool-causing collections like this one, your job's a snap!

So why not compile some family photos and make a DVD that will continue to give for generations?  You just can't beat watching your family's truimphs, disasters and embarrassments on the the big screen.  It's a gift that's thoughtful, personal and sure to be enjoyed during many holiday get-togethers.  And the best part is that you, as the Chief Editor, get to pick whether or not to include that awesome picture of you in 7th grade with scary hair, braces and half-closed eyes!  Happy holidays are coming!