Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Other Creations: Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Greetings readers!  Still playing post-Thanksgiving catch-up and feeling like I am NOT READY for December, but I did try and get my Christmas crafting on this weekend.  Here's a fun holiday project I tried that involves cookie cutters, but doesn't involve ovens (I think we've established that baking is not my forte)!  So instead of cutting dough with these holiday cookie cutters, I used them to make some festive Christmas ornaments instead.  Behold this little trio!

To make these, I started out with the FABULOUS All is Bright collection from My Mind's Eye and a pack of holiday cookie cutters that I picked up for just a couple of bucks.  I laid the cookie cutter onto the paper, traced around it, cut out the shape, then glued it to the back of the cookie cutter.  This created an instant "mini shadowbox" of sorts.

I used the All is Bright paper for the background of each of these ornaments and also used many of the stickers from this collection.  I "glammed up" the edges with glitter, glitter flakes and sequins and threw on some 3D elements.

This star-shaped cookie cutter made me think of light, so I added a whimsical lightbulb as the focal point.

For the sled, I went with a little bottle filled with glitter and labeled it, "Christmas Spirit."  I liked the idea of a sled rushing around sprinkling everyone with the feeling of Christmas.  As we all know, it can be harder to catch some years than others!

All in all, these ornaments are fun to make and can be used in lots of ways.  If you don't want to use them as ornaments, you could also use them as place card holders for a holiday dinner.  Just glue a paperclip or a wire curl to the back which can hold a slip of paper with different guests' names (the Christmas tree one is an example of this).  You can also attach these cookie cutters to gifts in the place of a bow for a very fancy wrap job.  You could even stick a gift card to the back for the perfect gift combo: something handmade combined with something store bought that you know the receiver will use and enjoy.  

The bottom line?  With cookie cutters being so cost effective and so crafty-cute, there's no reason NOT to use them outside of the kitchen, too!


  1. The cookie cutter ornaments are really cute! The tree is my favorite one. I find it hard to believe no one has commented on these. I found them pinned at pinterest. I've used cookie cutters, too. You can see them here: Thanks for sharing your pics! ~~Rhonda

  2. WOW!! I just found this on Pinterest and I LOVE it!! I've altered quite a few things but never a cookie cutter!!

    Beautiful idea!!

  3. Gorgeous! I especially love the tree one!

  4. These are just wonderful, Andrea... followed a trail from Pinterest, and I can see I shall have to come trawling through your archive some time soon (may just have to quit work altogether!).
    Alison xx

  5. These are gorgeous! What size are your cookie cutters?