Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Other Creations: Halloween Bracelets

Today I wore my favorite Fall boots and my hand is cramped from gripping the needle-nose pliers.  You know what that combo means!  You got it!  It's that wonderful time of year when I make my Halloween jewelry!  LOVE IT!

So here are some of the Halloween bracelets I've made this year.  I make all the beads myself from Polymer clay.  I prefer Sculpey brand and then I coat the beads to give them that "glassy" look.  If you like the look of these eyeballs, try making some!  They're totally doable. 

Behold the Monster Bracelet (featuring monster eyeballs and a bat):

And here's the always-classy Eyeball Bracelet:

Are they not cute?  These eyeballs are so versatile and you can use them in endless projects.  They are truly "eye-catching" (ha, ha.  Pun intended, although due to its cheesiness, it probably shouldn't have been).

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