Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Cards and Tags: Basic Grey Fact & Fiction Collection

Oh what joy filled my shopping soul when I walked into JoAnn's this weekend and saw this display of Basic Grey's new Fact & Fiction collection!  There is nothing like being unexpectedly stopped in your tracks by the brilliant new offerings of our favorite companies!

In addition to the pleasing patterns of this collection, I was equally impressed by its clever concept.  There are two paper pads, one titled, "Fact" and the other titled, "Fiction."  As you can guess, the "Fact" paper was a little more linear and graph-ish while the "Fiction" pack was a little more floral and whimsical.  Totally represents the theory of left and right-brained thinkers.  LOVE that! 

So here's a card I made from the collection and I'll also throw in some pics of the collection itself.  Lots of fun and two thumbs up (or two brain halves up) for whoever thought of this one!

This card was made entirely with the Fact & Fiction collection except for the metal hangers (Tim Holtz), the lace and measuring tape pieces (vintage stuff I had on hand), and the stamp of the man and the "Oddity" sentiment (both from Studio 490 by Wendy Vecchi- whose products I also madly adore).

And here are some pics of other parts of the collection.  In this first shot, those mint green blob-looking things are fake wax seals, which I thought was clever.  Behind that is a notebook of collaged ephemera sheets.

Cute brads, too, and there are seriously about a billion fun little arrows and tags and tickets in the pack of ephemera pieces.

There's also a chipboard mini album you can put together.

And of course I chose the "Fiction"  paper pack (though the "Fact" one is great, too).  Paper packs come in either 12X12 or 6X6.

And here's my favorite piece of all: the 3D "I hate math" sticker/badge!

The collection has a lot of other cool components like buttons, transparencies, file folder cards with envelopes, more ephemera packs, etc., but I already skimmed all I could off the grocery budget to splurge on these!  :)   Each of these packs costs $3.99 (including the chipboard album) and the 12X12 paper pack costs $14.99.  You can use a 40 or 50% off coupon on the paper pack and if you hit JoAnn's when they're having a sale on all embellishments/stickers of any brand, you've scored a sweet deal indeed!  Both halves of your brain would be pleased with that!

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