Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Snapping Monsters Stamps: Color Wheel Tags

Hello all!  I just wanted to share some tags I made using the color wheel stamp in my new stamp set, which you can read about here and purchase here from my Etsy shop, if interested.

On the first tag, I wanted to see how it would look if I only used a portion of the color wheel.  Here's how the tag turned out:

I painted it with acrylic paints streaked here and there, then I splatted on some Distress Stain right from those great splat-able dabber bottles it comes in.  I cut the sentiments out of an old discarded book that I found at a thrift store.

For my second tag, I stuck with the idea of only using a portion of the color wheel, but I decided to make it all one color.  Here's how that one turned out:

I  thought the "Feeling blue?" sentiment would fit nicely with all those dreamy blue tones.  I printed the sentiment from my computer in Word using a free font I found online.  I filled in the color wheel's squares using Colorbox Ink and the color wheel square stamp that's in the set.  I made a separate stamp that can be used to stamp the colors inside the color squares if I didn't feel like coloring them in by hand.  I also made some splats with Distress Stain and used the splatter stamps in the set, too.

If you're curious to see the color wheel in all of its glory, however, here it is.  This time I filled in the color squares with watercolors. 

The color wheel is a great size for tags and cards: about 4" in diameter.  It's lots of fun and I've enjoyed experimenting with it!


  1. Andrea! I did a bunch of tags similar to this last weekend (with YOUR color wheel offset...)... I need to post them, and will... I have not had much crafting time :(, but when I have, I have used your stamps!!! (And is there another way to use the Distress Stain daubers? certainly not a funner one!)

  2. You always make me want to skip work and get inky! Bright colorful inky! lol These are delicious! The colors are FANTASTIC as is your use of your beautiful color wheel stamp! And I {heart} tags! I {heart} YOUR tags! Have a wonderful day!