Monday, May 1, 2017

My Other Creations: Paper Wallet Using Paper Artsy Stamps

"The great outdoors" is this week's challenge theme over at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog.  I made a paper wallet.  What does a paper wallet have to do with the theme?  I've lost my driver's license while hiking before, so I thought I'd make a bright-colored wallet to stash it in to help with license-recovery if that ever happens again (knock on wood).  I also used some of my favorite Paper Artsy tree images to decorate it

Where to begin?  With Washi on top of text paper!

Next I toned it down with some white paint and added my stamping.  My go-to stamping ink for anything black is Ranger Jet Black Archival.

I followed this with some serious finger-painting using Dina Wakley's acrylic paint to fill in the images and add more color to the background.  I also ended up stamping a few big color wheel images and some quotes.  All of the stamps are listed below and are from Paper Artsy.

I cut my page into my wallet components and added some black patterned paper and black paint to ground it a bit.  I dug into my Dina Wakley stamp stash to add a star and the "star bright" sentiment.

To make this wallet durable, I covered all of the pieces in adhesive laminating sheets (not the kind you heat up).  This is the best product I've found if you're wanting to "plasticize" paper (see my previous coin purse here for more details on that).

After all my paper was "plasticized," I assembled this wallet (sewing the components together works best).  Here's the left side holding some scratch paper.

And here's a close-up of the right side:

Last but not least, the cover:

Here are the supplies I used which you can find at Simon Says Stamp:

I'm sure you'll be amply inspired by "the great outdoors" and I can't wait to see what you create!  Upload your projects to the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog for your chance to win a $50 voucher to the Simon Says Stamp store!


  1. Wow, this is an awesome wallet, Andrea! I love the beautiful colors and design and if you loose this one, there's no way you're getting it back. Whoever finds it won't want to part with it!

    Cathie ♥

  2. Ooh, I love this Andrea 😍❤️ Such a bright and cheerful wallet! I am going to have to CASE, this and make me a new passport holder 😉

    Lols x x x

  3. Awesome project! I don't have adhesive laminating sheets, thanks for the tip. I've never lost a license hiking, but I have lost plenty of other things... always a bummer. Would be a bummer to lose this wallet-- though it would definitely stand out on the trail!

  4. Well, you should certainly be able to spot that nestled in the undergrowth! Fabulous vivid colours - I hope it will save you next time...
    Alison x

  5. So FUN! Love this whole process, someday you're going to have to come over for a play date lol Your colors are always amazing to me! Once while boating we found a license too, so we drove over the their house and popped it in their mailbox. Hope your day is bright and sunshiny just like your fabulous creation!

  6. I like how you do the little pics of the supplies that you use. Thank you!

  7. What a fun paper wallet, Andrea! I as always love your bright palette and the pies are really fun! :)

    Simon Says Stamp

  8. What a cool project - thanks so much!!

  9. What an awesomely weird take on the great outdoors...but I get it!! I LOVE what you did, and the paper wallet is so cool! Fun, funky, colorful...yep, love it! I really like how your imagination works Andrea, and hope this keeps everything in your pack and not lost somewhere :) Maura

  10. This is such a fun and beautiful creation! Andrea. Love the fabulous collaged patterns and the colors are fantastic! :)

  11. Amazing as always! I will always recognize your works until you make a black and white project :-) This was a great idea and it will definitely help you into not loosing anything anymore. Great funky colors and patterns which is not a surprise. Hugs, Macarena

  12. What a gorgeous project and such a clever idea...I lost my driving license last year and after the process of getting a new one, it's something I would never want to go through again, so this is something I would definitely love to make! Thank you so much for the inspiration, Andrea...I love it! :)

  13. Such a unique the art at work here!!
    Dr Sonia

  14. wow you've done it again my amazing creation from a sheet of paper using you own very imaginative style...hugs kath xxx

  15. Such a super cool project Andrea, and another fantastic idea. I love how your paper evolved into becoming that stunning wallet. So cool!!

  16. Your style is outstanding! your projects have always your signature, you created an "Andrea color palette" absolutely unique and fabulous, you know I love it so much! This project is fabulous, cool and clever!!! barbara