Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Other Creations: The Tremendous Text Tester

When I saw this week's Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge (using flourishes), I thought of people who "sign their name with a flourish."  That got me thinking about handwriting and texts and fonts and scripts, which in turn led me to this project: The Tremendous Text Tester.

But what exactly does it DO?  Well, maybe you've never been in this situation, but many-a-time I've ruined a project by stamping on an image that I didn't like...usually right at the very end!  This Text Tester allows me to hold up different texts, scripts, etc., to see what they'll look like on a project before I actually stamp them on.

How does it work?  Easy-peasy.  I took some of my favorite text stamps and stamped them onto overhead transparency sheets using StazOn black ink.  Then I organized all of the transparency-stamped images into pockets inside my booklet.  For each background, I have the image stamped on the bottom of the pocket, along with its maker/brand and title at the top.

When I'm wondering if a certain text will look nice on a project I'm working on, I just whip out the transparency and hold it up to my project so I have a nice see-through visual of what the stamp would look like if I stamped it on.

This little "text tester" has already saved me a few deadly mess-up's and has helped me decide for sure which background looks best before I commit to stamping it on.  This same project would work with any stamped image and is a great way to experiment with different images, placement, etc.

Some key things to keep in mind if you do try this yourself: first off, try and find some old transparencies somewhere to avoid having to buy your own.  I saw them at some office supply stores and they were about $40 a box for 100.  I wasn't going to use THAT many and didn't want to fork over $40 for just a handful of sheets.  Luckily, I found a discarded old box of half-gone transparencies on the "freebie" table at my work.

Secondly, make sure that you use a permanent ink (such as StazOn) when you're stamping on a slick surface like transparencies.  Once dry, StazOn ink stays put and won't smear.

I enjoyed this project and incorporated so many wonderful text and script stamps, along with other supplies, that you can get at Simon Says Stamp:

So what does the "flourish" theme mean to you?  I love to see what you come up with, so be sure to share your projects with us on the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge blog for a chance to win $50 of shopping goodness!


  1. Seriously - your creativity blows me away, every single time!!!

  2. Wow.. Andrea, this is such a fun and fabulous creation! I totally love the great stamped transparency idea. :)

  3. Very clever!! I love this idea!!!!
    I need a transparent text tester too!
    And I like the guy on the front. He looks like the guy that would be testing things out. :)
    Fabulous project, Andrea. Fabulous!

  4. ohh, Andrea! I so love this idea! I think it's brilliant! I'm so going to give this a try! And the binder to hold this genius idea is gorgeous! Hugs, Sandra

  5. I love this idea so much! I have a bunch of old transparencies just looking for such a project!

  6. That really is a brilliant idea.!

  7. Yet again you think outside the box so beautifully. I love how you use the transparency to check if something will sit right in your design first. I love this idea and as always beautifully executed. I just love your thinking week after week. Tracy x x

  8. are brilliant! Oh my goodness...what a genius idea to avoid potentially ruining a project with the wrong text! I love your idea and this little text tester book is simply amazing! You are sooooo creative and original with your ideas. I am always excited to see what you've come up with next! A+ girlfriend! <3 Candy

  9. What a fabulous and creative project Andrea! Love all the distressing!

  10. What a great idea!! I'm sure this would be very useful for future projects!

    Simon Says Stamp!

  11. YOU'RE A GENIUS!!!!!!!!! barbarayaya

  12. Not only is this a brilliant idea but it also looks beautiful too! :) Gorgeous and I love the title of your mini book!

  13. You are so clever Andrea, you come up with such fabulous ideas. Love this text tester and it looks wonderful too. The bird on the man's head is so cute.

  14. These are all awesome! That first one is straight up out of the Grinch (classic version)!

  15. Great idea - and brilliantly executed! Now for some spare time to get it done... Thanks for the texty inspiration.
    Alison x